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Experience Matters

Jill Perry has been delivering professionally recorded scripts to Fortune 500 clients since 2003. Unparalleled professionalism is the driving force behind Jill Perry Voiceovers – with quick and smooth delivery. Clients say Jill is easy to work with and takes direction well, making her an intuitive and decisive actress.

Jill offers live over phone patch, ISDN, ipDTL, Source Connect and Google Voice. She can also work with you remotely, via written direction. You’ll enjoy how easy your project feels when you hire professional, vested voice talent, Jill Perry.

Jill Perry’s clients trust their brands with her voice

Jill Perry is the voice of security for Visa and Starwood Hotels, the voice of comfort for Hilton Hotels and the voice of e-learning for Hyundai and Arbys. When you need a specific sound, Jill Perry will speak to your audience.

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